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Γενόσημα φάρμακα: Τρικυμία εν κρανίω

Και εκεί που έχεις μόλις αναδημοσιεύσει ένα κείμενο που φαίνεται λογικό, έρχεται την αμέσως επόμενη μέρα, ο ίδιος ιστότοπος, να δικαιώσει αυτό που έχεις αναφέρει στην αναδημοσίευση· ότι, δηλαδή, η εποχή μας θα προσφέρει άφθονο υλικό στους ιστορικούς, οικονομικούς αναλυτές, κοινωνιολόγους και ψυχαναλυτές του μέλλοντος. Πώς; Δημοσιεύοντας ένα άρθρο που θυμίζει συνομωσιολογίες πρώιμης εφηβικής ηλικίας. Παρακάτω το αναδημοσιεύω,… Read More »

10 + 2 Favourite Firefox addons: How does Chrome compare?

With reference to yesterday’s news that Chrome has caught up with Firefox and that they now hold roughly the same market share (both behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), I thought I would present the situation for exactly the same functionality, in Chrome, as the one described in my post on 10 + 2 favourite Firefox addons.… Read More »

My favourite 10 + 2 Firefox addons, for 2011…

I’ve tried almost all browsers available, and my favourites are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this post I’ll list the Firefox addons that I consider indispensable, and which are the reason I stick with Firefox, most of the time! HTTPS Everywhere – encrypt the web! This is an initiative by the Electronic Frontier Foundation,… Read More »

A shocking read about solitary confinement…

WikiLeaks: Locking Up Whistleblower Bradley Manning in Solitary Confinement Puts America’s Depravity on Full Display By Lynn Parramore, New Deal 2.0 Posted on January 4, 2011, Printed on January 6, 2011 The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons. ~Fyodor Dostoevsky In the earliest days of our Republic,… Read More »

6 Companies That Haven’t Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks

6 Companies That Haven’t Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks As more and more companies bend under government pressure, a few are standing up for the site. December 10, 2010 Giants like PayPal,, Visa and MasterCard almost instantly crumbled under government (and p.r.) pressure to drop WikiLeaks, depriving the site of vital funding sources… Read More »

Western Democracies Must Live With Leaks

Must-read article from «The Guardian«, UK, by John Naughton, December 6, 2010: Live with the WikiLeakable world or shut down the net. It’s your choice What WikiLeaks is really exposing is the extent to which the western democratic system has been hollowed out. In the last decade its political elites have been shown to be… Read More »