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What to do when the GETDEB repository is down

If during an update in either Linux Mint or Ubuntu you get error messages from apt, about failing to fetch data from the GETDEB repository (which happens a lot, I’m afraid), here’s a brilliant solution I found at askubuntu.com. Use a mirror! Here are the steps: Comment out your existing sources for GETDEB Add the following… Read More »

Linux Mint Debian is now usable by almost anyone!

After I tried the December 2010 edition of Linux Mint Debian 64-bit, I had come to the conclusion that it was not for me, as it was, and that I would rather stick with the Main edition of Linux Mint, built on the current Ubuntu base distribution. Two things made me change my mind and… Read More »

Fine-tuning Linux Mint Debian 201012 64-bit

Updated, November 2011. Although I thought I had come to terms with the fact that I wanted to use Ubuntu-based Mint, instead of Debian-based Mint, I finally could not resist the temptation of installing Linux Mint Debian 201012. One of the reasons was that a 64-bit version was available for the first time. Another reason… Read More »

Linux Mint Debian v1.0 (LMDE 201009) is out!!!

(Update, Dec 29: Fine-tuning LMDE 201012 64-bit) This article comes a few days after the original release of Linux Mint Debian edition, but the actual testing was made on the day it was released… 10 minutes after the iso image was posted online, actually. I happened to browse Linux Mint‘s blog just when the image… Read More »

The perfect linux desktop (part 2): Multimedia support

In this post I’ll list and give installation instructions for the media applications that I have found most useful on my Linux Mint desktop. That should cover photo management, video and music. 1. Photo Organizer Shotwell OK, this may come as a surprise to some, but if I were you… I’d ditch F-Spot! Really, just… Read More »

The perfect linux desktop (part 1): Distribution & Task Bar

It's been a few many years since I started using Linux exclusively, as a desktop OS at home. I started out with the legendary InfoMagic 5-CD set in December 1995. It included Redhat 2.5 and a version of Debian dubbed 1.0 (evidently prematurely so, resulting in the first official Debian project release to be named… Read More »

Don’t you just love geeks?

Casually searching my name in Google, like any other normal person would do, I bumped into a post of mine at a Mandrake Linux support forum from almost exactly seven years ago… Couldn’t help smiling… Linux has come a long way, back then it was not as user friendly as it is now… sound from… Read More »