16+1 lessons I learned from my hacked blog

LGR Hacked
LGR Hacked

A few days ago, Stratos’ Sphere was hacked, or «defaced». I’m guessing that’s what it was, because the attached image was what visitors would see, instead of my blog. This was quite ironic, actually, since I had just attended a security seminar (at work) where the «I’m safe because I’m small» attitude was found to be one of the most frequent reasons leading to hacked sites.

Here’s my account of what I had done wrong to end up with a hacked blog and what I did wrong while trying to recover, which may help others to avoid this situation or to make a faster and easier comeback. διαβάστε περισσότερα

What to do when the GETDEB repository is down

Logo Linux Mint
Logo Linux Mint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If during an update in either Linux Mint or Ubuntu you get error messages from apt, about failing to fetch data from the GETDEB repository (which happens a lot, I’m afraid), here’s a brilliant solution I found at askubuntu.com. Use a mirror!

Here are the steps:

  1. Comment out your existing sources for GETDEB
  2. Add the following sources instead:

deb http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/getdeb/ubuntu quantal-getdeb apps
deb-src http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/getdeb/ubuntu quantal-getdeb apps

Replace «quantal» with your edition if necessary; also, you can add the games repo just by repeating the above two lines with «games» in the end instead of «apps». διαβάστε περισσότερα

Thank God for hackers!

LGR Hacked

Yesterday, Stratos’ Sphere was hacked by «TEAM HAXORSISTZ».

The attack was in itself quite harmless, meaning that only the front page was altered. However, this was a very useful wake-up call which came not a day too soon.

You see, I have great plans for Stratos’ Sphere and thank God for Kratos, Netcat, TSDD Uncut and Master Mind, the fine lads from Bangladesh who reminded me just how important security is and how naive it is to just lay there in our false sense of safety. I dare not think what might have happened if a black-hat-hacker (cracker) had had a go at this blog, unprotected as it was, after it had grown substantially a few months down the road. διαβάστε περισσότερα

Σε ποιες χώρες έχουν τους περισσότερους «φίλους» οι Έλληνες χρήστες του Facebook;

Ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον άρθρο στο Mashable, μας παρουσιάζει την εξαιρετική εργασία που έχει γίνει από τη Mia Newman, απόφοιτο του πανεπιστημίου Stanford σε Διεθνείς Σχέσεις, όσον αφορά την ανάλυση των «σχέσεων φιλίας» μεταξύ διαφόρων χωρών.

Το εντυπωσιακό για την Ελλάδα; Η κατάταξη των χωρών στις οποίες έχουν τους περισσότερους «φίλους», οι χρήστες του Facebook στην Ελλάδα: διαβάστε περισσότερα

Samsung ad: Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5

Very nice comparison! 😉  However, it is obvious to me that some (Apple fun-boys/girls) will continue to worship the iPhone for the iconic object that it is, regardless of the actual specs. Yes, the Galaxy SIII is a superior device, but it is not an iPhone…

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