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(Quick Tips) gdebi: “The package may be corrupted”

I recently fresh installed Linux Mint 12 (Lisa), which is based on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric). I almost immediately bumped into a problem with gdebi, the graphical package installer. The message I received was:

"Could not open XXXX.deb.
The package might be corrupted or you are not allowed to open the file.
Check the permissions of the file."

After a lot of searching, I found this solution in linuxmint forums. Works like a charm:

[code]sudo apt-get install xz-lzma[/code]

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My favourite 10 + 2 Firefox addons, for 2011…

I’ve tried almost all browsers available, and my favourites are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this post I’ll list the Firefox addons that I consider indispensable, and which are the reason I stick with Firefox, most of the time!

  1. HTTPS Everywhere – encrypt the web! This is an initiative by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to make the web a more secure communication medium. This plugin will always attempt to use a secure, encrypted connection to any web page you try to visit, so that third parties cannot eavesdrop (or make it harder for them to do so, anyway).
  2. Add to Search Bar. Very handy plugin, especially in combination with “Organize Search Engines“, of the same developer, as well as with InstantFox. In fact, I would consider “Add to Search Bar” and “Organize Search Engines” as one addon, made of two components. What it does, is that whenever you are on a page with a search box (e.g. an eshop, a dictionary, a forum, whatever), you can right click in the box and add the particular search functionality into your custom search engines. Περισσότερα
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