My favourite 10 + 2 Firefox addons, for 2011…

I’ve tried almost all browsers available, and my favourites are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this post I’ll list the Firefox addons that I consider indispensable, and which are the reason I stick with Firefox, most of the time!

  • HTTPS Everywhere – encrypt the web! This is an initiative by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to make the web a more secure communication medium. This plugin will always attempt to use a secure, encrypted connection to any web page you try to visit, so that third parties cannot eavesdrop (or make it harder for them to do so, anyway).
  • Add to Search Bar. Very handy plugin, especially in combination with «Organize Search Engines«, of the same developer, as well as with InstantFox. In fact, I would consider «Add to Search Bar» and «Organize Search Engines» as one addon, made of two components. What it does, is that whenever you are on a page with a search box (e.g. an eshop, a dictionary, a forum, whatever), you can right click in the box and add the particular search functionality into your custom search engines.
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    Setting up Debian for Android Development

    After almost 9 months of beating around the bush, I finally started experimenting with developing Android Apps. I’m using Linux Mint Debian (based on Debian Testing), so after some googling, I used this excellent guide over at

    Setting Up An Android App Build Environment With Eclipse, Android SDK, PhoneGap (Debian Squeeze)

    Of course, I used the latest available version of every software mentioned (binary packages, not .deb as they were somewhat outdated in Testing). The only things I changed during the process of setting up was to edit nss.cfg so that I would not get the «nss initialization» error message on my 64-bit system: διαβάστε περισσότερα

    Linux Mint Debian is now usable by almost anyone!

    Linux Mint
    Image via Wikipedia

    After I tried the December 2010 edition of Linux Mint Debian 64-bit, I had come to the conclusion that it was not for me, as it was, and that I would rather stick with the Main edition of Linux Mint, built on the current Ubuntu base distribution.

    Two things made me change my mind and try it again: First, I tried Ubuntu 11.04 and I really did not like the new launcher! Second, I really could not put up with Mint’s Main Edition requirement, to have to back up and re-install from scratch with every new version… διαβάστε περισσότερα

    Make your blog super fast with W3 Total Cache plugin

    I have recently installed the W3 Total Cache plugin, and it has made a tremendous difference. I have no specific metrics, but the feeling I have is as if it loads at least three times faster!! WOW!

    What makes the biggest contribution is CDN (content delivery network), which I set up on a subdomain. It is not the easiest thing to do and it took a couple hours of tweaking to get it just right. I mostly followed the instructions found here:

    I also got some hints from How To Install W3 Total Cache Tutorial – Setup Guide and How To Install W3 Total Cache 0.9 Setup Guide. διαβάστε περισσότερα

    How to set up «Your Own URL Shortener» (YOURLS)

    Keeping up appearances

    There was something that annoyed me for some time: whenever I tried to copy-paste an Internet address written in Greek, the copied text would not appear in Greek; it would appear in some weird coding, where non-Latin characters were replaced by the ASCI code equivalent of the characters. That would (a) take up too much space and (b) appear gibberish and no-one could tell what it meant.

    For example, what do you make of the following mess?

    Original:βιταμίνη-d3-το-καλύτερα-κρυμμένο-μυστικ/ διαβάστε περισσότερα