10 + 2 Favourite Firefox addons: How does Chrome compare?

With reference to yesterday’s news that Chrome has caught up with Firefox and that they now hold roughly the same market share (both behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), I thought I would present the situation for exactly the same functionality, in Chrome, as the one described in my post on 10 + 2 favourite Firefox addons. You may find all the extensions mentioned here, at the Chrome Web Store.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere – encrypt the web! This plugin is the result of an initiative by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and it will always attempt to use a secure, encrypted connection to any web page you try to visit, so that third parties cannot eavesdrop (or make it harder for them to do so, anyway). This functionality does not yet exist in Chrome, as such. However, there’s the “HTTPS Enforcer” extension, which comes pretty close. Note from the developer:“Chrome doesn’t yet have the necessary API to make this plugin completely secure as Firefox plugin (https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere). So, plugin doesn’t provide the full security benefits of Firefox HTTPS Everywhere, but I think it would a) provide a clear improvement in security to those who understand the risks, b) make it easy to provide the full security benefits as soon as the necessary APIs have landed. It may also increase the pressure to finish those APIs. By the way, needed APIs currently are experimental, so we can use it in stable version soon. Stay tuned.”
  2. Add to Search Bar. Chrome kicks butt in this department, as it automatically saves and imports the functionality of every search engine you use while you’re surfing. No need to install anything! (περισσότερα…)

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