How “” came to be

Hot tubbing in Keystone, Colorado.
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Late last century, in the days of the “dot com bubble” (circa 1999), I decided I wanted to have a website, and so I started looking for catchy name for it.  Being the modest type that I am, I decided I would go with my last name, “laspas”!

So I went on to check the availability of “”, naturally. Surprise, surprise, it was taken!! Apparently, there was a company based in Los Angeles, California, which specialized in… hot tubs, a.k.a. “spas”!!! Ergo, “LA Spas .com


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Scientists crack ‘entire genetic code’ of cancer

Caught it on Slashdot. From the original post at BBC:

Scientists around the globe are now working to catalogue all the genes that go wrong in many types of human cancer. The UK is looking at breast cancer, Japan at liver and India at mouth. China is studying stomach cancer, and the US is looking at cancers of the brain, ovary and pancreas.

…scientists from the 10 countries involved say it will take them at least five years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete this mammoth task.


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