Shot that stops many deadly forms of cancer may be ready in 5 years

From a article:

The vaccine, effective against deadly cancers in areas of the body like the breast, bowel and cervix, is being tested on some patients, according to the Daily Mail. The vaccine, which is being developed with Celldex Therapeutics, a U.S. company, revs up the immune system and tells it to destroy a hormone called hCG. That hormone, normally present only during pregnancy, is also made by about half of patients who have bladder and pancreatic cancer, and some people who have breast, bowel, ovarian and cervical tumors.
The shot shrinks the tumors and stops them from spreading.
“Not only are you causing the cancer to shrink, it is not metastazising,” Middlesex University Professor Ray Iles, creator of the vaccine, told the Daily Mail. “If you come in with chemotherapy and surgery, you’ve got a cure.” διαβάστε περισσότερα

Sneak peek at immortality?

When it comes to immortality (or longevity), the «immortal cell» cannot be the solution. If it were, further reproduction of cells would have to cease; you see, there’s already a known situation where the cells forget to die and reproduce themselves forever, and it’s called a «tumor» or «cancer«.

But even if there was a way around it, that is to say, to make cells immortal, by unblocking the biological mechanisms that order a cell to die, regardless of it’s current condition and then to prevent the existing cells from further reproducing themselves, to avoid tumors, even then, «immortal» would not guarantee «in perfect condition»; the reason is that, in that case, exhausted, damaged or sick cells would never be replaced! «Normal wear» would take its toll… and inevitably… death would come, perhaps even sooner than before!! διαβάστε περισσότερα