Setting up Debian for Android Development

After almost 9 months of beating around the bush, I finally started experimenting with developing Android Apps. I’m using Linux Mint Debian (based on Debian Testing), so after some googling, I used this excellent guide over at

Setting Up An Android App Build Environment With Eclipse, Android SDK, PhoneGap (Debian Squeeze)

Of course, I used the latest available version of every software mentioned (binary packages, not .deb as they were somewhat outdated in Testing). The only things I changed during the process of setting up was to edit nss.cfg so that I would not get the «nss initialization» error message on my 64-bit system:

[code]sudo gedit /etc/java-6-openjdk/security/nss.cfg[/code]

and changed its content into the following (thanks to /usr/lib/ error on Debian Wheezy):

[code]name = NSS
nssLibraryDirectory = /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
nssDbMode = noDb
attributes = compatibility[/code]

I left may main user as owner of /etc/eclipse and I made sure that I used the right java, by:

[code]sudo update-alternatives –config javac

sudo update-alternatives –config java[/code]

That’s all!

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