I installed the new v.3.0 of WordPress and in was IM-Pressed with the new default theme, “Twenty Ten“… (everyone got “2010”, right?)

The default font size (16px) appeared a bit too large at first, but after experimenting (in the theme editor, “style.css”, content font size)… I just went back to the default… very readable…

Very nice work, indeed! Love at first site, switched to it, right away!!

Some external links:

BTW, the theme uses Microsoft‘s Georgia font, which is simply gorgeous, but if you’re using Linux, where it does not come pre-installed by default, you may want to install the package ttf-mscore-fonts, so that you get to see what the designer really intended you to.

Funny story about these fonts, though! Microsoft released them to the public as the “core fonts for the Web” collection, during the first “browser wars” (i.e. Internet Explorer vs. Netscape Navigator), in an attempt to increase its market share. After they eliminated Netscape, Microsoft removed the fonts from their website. However, the original license said that anyone could freely redistribute these fonts, so there they are!

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